These are the F.A.Q.'s for the BHD Mod. If you have any more questions for the mod, please e-mail me at Thanks!

Q.) Is it going to be Single Player, Multiplayer, or both?
A.) We are going to make it both in the end, but we havent decided which one first.

How many weapons is the mod going to have?
A.) Still discussing.

Are you going to have a beta-test?
A.) Yes, it will be a closed beta-test though.

How accurate are the details on the weapons going to be?
A.) In SP. they are going to be as accurate as we can make them. In MP, we are still going to try to make them accurate but make sure that both side are even. So the gameplay will still be equal.

How many staff members do you plan to have?
A.) As many as we can, as long as they are dedicated and have talent.

How big do you plan this mod to be?
As big as the community wants it to be.

Then, What are you biggest expectations of this mod?
A.) To be like how Day of Defeat or Counter-Strike it to Half-Life.

Do any of you work for EA?
A.) Not yet ;-)

Do any of you gave Girl Friends?
A.) Does it matter?

A.) Okay then....

Updated 10/28/02

Q.) What will be in the mod? Only 1 map of the "Mog"?
A.) We have many ideas right now, one is for us to make 2 maps for the city(day and night), then we can also make other maps that were battles other then the "mog" but were in the mission "Operation: Restore Hope". We are expecting that the community will give us ideas once we ask for some :-)

Whats up with that new game that novalogic is developing, based on BHD?
A.) Well the game novalogic has out is very fun to play, but we want to make it more interactive. For example: in novalogic's bhd game you cant fly the chopper's or drive the humvee's. So we thought that the refractor2 engine is a great engine for this mod!
Q.) Are you sure that the Refractor2 Engine can truly make you feel and experience what they felt?
A.) There is no way that anything can ever show the tragedy that the people that went there had to go through. We just plan to show it in the way we feel we can help make people understand.